The Escola Superior de Disseny i Art Llotja students’ designs for Palmira Selection (II)

Following the most recent agreement signed between Palmira and the Escola Superior de Disseny i Art Llotja, the students of the fourth year Furniture Design module have created a new line of stools focusing mainly on restaurant and hotel spaces for Palmira Selection, the range of exclusive, high quality products.

First, the students visited Palmira’ facilities where they were briefed on the order, then, after conducting a market analysis and studying the catalogue, they presented their proposals before the school’s faculty and a Palmira team. Having already shown some of the work presented by the students, today we will present the rest.

Miguel Ángel Amegual presented the Cranc collection, inspired by the Mediterranean, comprising three stools of different heights and a table. This line can be customised with wicker, nylon or cotton, adapting to all types of space and environment. The finishes allow the maritime spirit of the Mediterranean to be maintained at all times and can also be customised both in terms of colour (dark grey, light grey, khaki or brown) and the type of weave (vertical, horizontal, cross…).

The wood used for the Cranc family is beech or oak, with no colour added, just a coat of ecoPalmira varnish. This feature makes the pieces of furniture very easy to clean, which means the footrest can be in the same wood, maintaining chromatic uniformity throughout the line.


Margarida by Laura Perdomo is a line inspired by the volcanoes of the Garrotxa natural park, specifically, the Santa Margarida. The designer went a step further and also incorporated the traditional Tortellà spoon. The theme of the collection basically focusses on these two ideas representing elegance, simplicity and functionality.

Margarida represents the values of tradition and the craft trades. The collection comprises five stools, the terrace stool and the low, medium, high and extra high stools. All these stools are made of oak and ecoVergès varnish which can be complimented with an embroidered cushion or beech stained in different colours.

Rut Garcia Suñé presented Sistema Montse, a family of five elements; a low stool, a medium stool, a bench, a side table and a lounge chair, all inspired by the rounded shapes of the Montserrat mountain range.


The materials of Sistema Montse are plywood, wood veneer and metal; products that allow personalisation and which can be upholstered. The pieces are also designed to be long-lasting and hard-wearing and take up a minimal amount of space (both during use and when not in use).

Simple shapes and simple, elegant, comfortable products for a collection designed to be used in tranquil, welcoming and elegant spaces. Sistema Montse is therefore perfect for relaxation spaces, café areas or reading areas.



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