Fenix NTM, high-tech finish for the Sandwich collection

FENIX NTM is an innovative material created by Arpa Industriale for interior design use, suitable for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Although it can be used on any type of furniture, we have started to implement this new technology in the Sandwich collection by Un Taller.

Fenix NTM Palmira

The outer surface of FENIX NTM is achieved through the use of nanotechnology and is characterised by the use of acrylic resin which is hardened and set through an Electron Beam Curing process.

Its main characteristic is its low reflectance making FENIX NTM the perfect finish for bars, restaurants and especially, terraces. Its surface is extraordinarily matt, anti-fingerprint and nice and soft to the touch.

Fenix NTM PalmiraFenix NTM Palmira

Another strong point of FENIX NTM is its resistance to scratching, which means its durability over time is guaranteed. In addition, it has reinforced anti-bacterial properties and is highly resistant to dry heat.

FENIX NTM is the ideal material for the tables of bar and restaurant terraces as it has been treated with a mould-free anti-rust product, is easy to clean, is stable in the light and is resistant to blows.

Fenix NTM Palmira

This revolutionary finish is available in 15 different colours; white, beige, black, pink, blue, etc. A wide range of colours that allow FENIX NTM to fit into any environment.

Fenix NTM Palmira

This advanced technology can be applied to the Sandwich collection of tables by Un Taller from our Palmira Selection catalogue.

For more information and prices, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

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