Jordi Pastells teaches us the remodelation of the Dante Hotel in Barcelona

The Divine Comedy describes Dante’s journey through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise, guided by the Roman poet Virgil.

The central theme of the comedy is the journey that takes Dante, along which you will find your own identity.

That’s how Jordi has traveled Pastells, interior designer, to find the identity of Hotel Dante in Barcelona recently renovated.

When Jordi Pastells was a child don’t play like other children to “commodore” son of constructor spent the day drawing and invented, and this is how Pastells has become what it is: a creative than ever copy styles designer and always looking the maximum detail things and becomes impersonal something different, simple, elegant, fresh … and what is more important: a place where your customer feels fully identified.

When she asked whether he was born with taste or learned, that if considers it a gift, it utters a smile and tells us it is Superman who has a gift, not him. Creativity is practiced and every time you get to create more, like a sport that the more you spend on it the better you out.

Still he hopes that it reaches the most exciting project to make more intimate and serious desire to invent a color … .that you can not do Culquiera.

While waiting to surprise us with a new color in pantone, we already have been surprised of the change that has made the Hotel Dante.

When Fernando Osorio and his wife Gina Solé owners of the hotel chain Dante sat with Jordi to discuss the project will soon be described as his “Divine Comedy”.

It was clear what elements should not miss in your project and the most important was that the hotel transmit guests the feeling of being at home, to be able to notice that warmth in every corner and every line of the work of the Divine Comedy.

With the change of place of receipt, replacement of colors and wood and decoration elements linked to the more contemporary Barcelona, the Dante Hotel has opened its space so that it can be seen from the road a space totally worth admiring.

See Before

hotel dante abans

Photographer Joan Valls, has been commissioned to capture the essence of Barcelona in the local and achieved a perfect synergy between photography, literature and design of the hotel. To view Joan Valls projects here.

Walnut, green moss, sand and ashes.

Perfectly combined to create a bright space, elegant and very relaxing colors.
The change is amazing, an image better than a thousand words!
The project Round Table Bank and Hall are unique designs Pastells Jordi, who used solid walnut. To see more projects of Jordi Pastells view here


24                                          25                                              21

All the furniture is chosen is  Vergés, the seats Block Cistell and exclusive catalog of Verges Selection design by Yago Sarri by Palmira.


Who is Jordi Pastells?


speaking with Jordi Pastells and Gina Solé


Graduated in interior design at the Escola Massana and Applied Arts and Crafts, specializing in interior design, by the Lonja de Barcelona. Jordi Pastells Calls runs his own professional studio, where converge m3 interiors with its own professional team that allows you to solve any type of request.

Design, art, architecture, and photography are your main passions and make their day. They are like daily vitamins to get new ideas or new ways to project.
The final results you get, and successfully receive their customers, they are based on harmonically combine creativity and talent with a control and rigor in execution of works with the whole industry.


  • Selected in the Biennial of Art and Design in St. Etienne
  •  Finalist in the awards Habitácola
  • Some projects have been published in magazines and industry trade networks

About Hotel Dante

An antique glassware Mallorca street of Barcelona became 1964 in what now leads the Dante hotel. In front he was Rosa Blanqué Vilallonga hotel one of the first women of the time that used to be visionary and built a garage in the hotel which was a very important claim.
He did not miss the opening of 27 October 1964 the blessing that we can see in the accompanying photo.

IMG_2946 (2)                  IMG_2951 (2)                 IMG_2952 (2)                 IMG_2953 (2)

When Rosa Blanqué died in 1990, he took over the hotel grandson Fernando Osorio, who already give very early age had been beside her grandmother learning to manage the hotel.
Fernando, as the current owner with his wife Gina, have been making reforms to go updating and modernizing it.
The most radical change that has made the hotel since then is the substitution of small tiles by a ventilated facade. They have been renovating all rooms, hallways and reception while the living room and giving a more modern feel but still maintain their own style and most importantly keeping the spirit of its founder Rosa.


Block Armchair Yago Sarri by Palmira


Cistell armchair lounge Yago Sarri by Palmira


Csitell stool Yago Sarri by Palmira


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