Lucas is now in Palmira


Welcome to Vergés, Lucas!

CrousCalogero is a product design consultancy founded in 2009 by Francesc Crous and Alessandro Calogero after a decennial experience side by side with famous designers and inside big companies’s design departments.

Crous´Calogero butaca lucas per Verges

They explain their method as follows:

“Our way of working is simple: we try to get to the essence of things, eliminating what is superfluous, always with a focus on the human being. We don’t like ‘sculptural’ objects, to admire from a distance. We want our objects to transmit a desire to be touched. Functional quality is a basic requirement we take for granted. On top of it we try to suggest a story, made of memories or sensations, to create that impalpable link between objects and people.”

In recent years they strengthen their collaboration with different international design firms. Alongside their professional activity they also teach at the design school EINA in Barcelona.

CrousCalogero’s work has been awarded with prestigious prizes like the Silver Delta 2012 and the Delta Selection 2014.

Lucas is the new incorporation of Verges and be part of the family of Verges Selection


Lucas is designed as a modular system and bench seat that combine to offer multiple solutions in community facilities.
The line that runs along the perimeter of Lucas, is transverse loop that combines the different elements of the same collection, and which in turn defines how soft but also strong product .
Despite its simplicity and sobriety of its volume , Lucas breaks with some standards of ergonomics to propose new proportions dialogue relationship between seat and backrest .
It comes structure made ​​of solid wood and upholstered in fabric , with legs in solid beech wood and painted matte finish water.

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