New Palmira Selection collection: Claire Davis’ Libélula by Palmira

We’re pleased to announce that Libélula (Spanish for dragonfly), the new Palmira Selection collection, will begin distribution today. This is an exclusive line created by Welsh designer Claire Davies for Palmira. The series includes café and restaurant chairs, bar stools, lounge chairs and tables designed for both private and public spaces.

Davies was inspired by the shapes and colours of the dragonfly to create a furniture family with unlimited potential for Palmira to produce and distribute exclusively. It should be noted that, as with all Palmira’ pieces, the end product is always handmade.

After months of work, the end result is the new Palmira Selection collection that stands out for the way it brings movement and freshness to any environment. A collection comprising chairs, tables and stools designed to bring a fresh, modern look to any hotel or restaurant establishment.


Another feature worth highlighting in this series is the many possibilities for customisation it offers as it has a wide range of colours for the upholstery and structure to adapt the design to an infinite number of spaces (restaurants, cafés, hotels, bars, etc.).

Libélula by Palmira is the first of several joint projects between Claire Davies and the family business located in Tortellà. All the Selection collections are original designs distributed exclusively by Palmira for the Horeca sector.

Click here to see the complete collection.

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