Solid wood or Melamine? Palmira teaches you the advantates

Solid wood is one of the options we face when wood used in our restaurant or local. But, is the only option we have? What performance can give melamine?
When we ask to Vergés that is best for your furniture the answer is easy: it depends on what you want the cabinet. And that’s the truth. Melanin or solid wood, solid wood or melamine … is not that one is better than the other, is that each has a different use.
In this article we will learn to know the advantages of each product to avoid mistakes at the time of your choice.
When we speak of solid wood, we refer to a particular type obtained from the trunk of different trees and stands basically by two characteristics: its strength and its high quality. It is whole pieces that are not treated, so that preserve natural qualities, what makes them exceptional. Its cost is higher than other types of materials, but compensates for its quality and durability.


Among the different types of wood we can find woods toughest guy as beech, oak, chestnut, walnut or cherry, among other trees, which are used for indoor or woods such as iroko, ipe or Jatoba its use is for outdoor use. Equally strong are classified as softer woods such as poplar, pine, birch or cedar.

The high quality of solid wood can make us ask whether we really need to use it in every restaurant furniture.

MelaminePaper_04Here comes the other option which is also quite interesting: Melamine.What is commonly called laminated board, is a coated (by pressure and temperature) chipboard, MDF or decorative paper impregnated with melamine both sides equal resins, obtaining a surface high density with improved scratch resistance, heat and discoloration. These resins are those in the pressing process, the board apply different finishes, smooth, pore, soft, textile, etc. These resins, from which the product takes its name, create a perfect barrier against moisture, steam, chemicals, erosion and scratching. It also helps prevent the growth of microorganisms and parasites and one of its biggest advantages is its easy maintenance, will not stain easily and to clean its surface it requires only a mild soap. To enhance durability Verges recommended to seal the panels covered with melamine with songs in their edges or ends.

Choose melamine or solid wood.

It depends on what you’ll give the furniture

Another major advantage of melamine furniture is that they are easy to clean, because this material is very resistant to stains as the different cleaning products on the market is recommended, yes, using chemicals created for these materials such as liquid silicone or wood cleaners. Also keep in mind that, as melamine is polymerized, ie, has no pores, it is resistant to the action of water and steam, as it can not penetrate it. However, it is not recommended to clean melamine furniture with water if the edges and the edges are not protected or covered.


It depends on the style
Woods always give us a noble, rustic, durable, pure, elegant touch, depends on style you want to give your home is a good material. You can combine furniture melamine and line the walls or ceiling with solid wood. You must know that the furniture made of this material are ideal for classic or rustic spaces, the appearance of a wooden cabinet is more natural and richer in nuances.
In melamines you can find a wide variety of colors regardless of style and colors that already prevail in this. The same applies to textures. Of course, the most common is finding finishes that mimic the color of the wood.


It depends on the price
If you have a fairly tight budget, the answer is clear: the furniture melamine. One of the great advantages of melamine furniture is that they are cheaper than those made with other materials. Of course, the price also depends on the design and size of the piece. Still, if we compare two furniture with the same features but created one melamine and other wood, always will be cheaper the first option.


If you have any questions, please contact Vergés where we advise and show you the products you expect delighted to help make good choice.

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