The Escola Superior de Disseny i Art Llotja students’ designs for Palmira Selection

Following the most recent agreement signed between Palmira and the Escola Superior de Disseny i Art Llotja, the students of the fourth year Furniture Design module have created a new line of stools focusing mainly on restaurant and hotel spaces for Palmira Selection, the range of exclusive, high quality products.

First, the students visited Palmira’ facilities where they were briefed on the order then after conducting a market analysis and studying the catalogue, they presented their proposals before the school’s faculty and a Palmira team.

Jorge Braun presented the Molsa collection comprising three pouf-type pieces of furniture with common features to generate composite elements that create environments within a single space.


One of the features of this collection is that each piece can stand on its own or work together with the other pieces of the family, being placed together or spread out. On a formal level, the three pieces are inspired by the rocks in the volcanic area of La Garrotxa which you can see in the seat part, where the pieces are crowned with a series of patterns forming mountain ranges that transport you to that area. Molsa is a versatile, modular collection that adapts to the needs of both the client and the space.

Enen by Guillem Eiriz is a line with a modern character and style which translates to a versatile collection made up of six pieces: two stools, three tables and a chair. Inspired by the natural arches and the organic shapes of nature, Enen allows considerable customisation as the client can choose the colour of the pieces, the type of wood (pine, beech or oak) and bare or upholstered seats.


The Enen pieces are made entirely from wood and, as they can be customised, can adapt to any environment: family, chill-out, smart formal or smart informal.

Alba Vinyes presented Séquia, a collection inspired by the soft, light and at the same time, strong movement of the reeds that sway in the mistral wind as it caresses the river shore. Séquia is made up of four pieces (three stools and a table) made from beech and lacquered steel piping.

Their simple, elegant design highlights their functionality.


Curb by Eduard Cabré is a collection of seats for group seating directly inspired by the designs of the mid-twentieth Century. The five elements that make up the collection are characterised by the common structure and appearance of the legs made using a single pattern, with rounded outer edges and angled inner edges. The structure of the whole Curb collection is mainly solid wood or plywood. The upholstery has been designed as an optional element to give more versatility and offer more variety in the final product.

The collection comprises a basic chair, a chair with armrests and three stools of different heights to meet different needs.

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