Swan & Duckling: new Palmira Selection collection by Claire Davies

Today we present Swan & Duckling, a new collection by Welsh designer Claire Davies exclusively for Palmira Selection comprising two chairs. Swan & Duckling, like all Davies’ creations, combines vintage glamour and sculptural simplicity to perfection.

This family, created for Palmira’ top range, is made up of two chairs that can be combined with pieces of furniture from the Libélula collection, also designed by Claire Davies exclusively for Palmira Selection.

The Swan chair, with a high back, is slender and elegant. In white with chrome legs copper color is perfect for dinning rooms.


Duckling, in honour of its name, has a lower back and look more sympathetic. With black frame and black chrome legs this chair is ideal for cafés.

The chairs in the Swhan & Duckling collection have an iron rod structure that can be painted, chrome or black chrome, gold or copper, with a casing molded in beech wood with finishes to choose between varnishes, dyes or paint.

Swan & Duckling have a brass, black chrome or steel base, with mouldable black or white wood in a clear reference to Swan Lake. Despite its slender lines, this model has the necessary support for intensive use. All the Selection collections are original designs distributed exclusively by Palmira for the Horeca sector and, despite their slender lines, these models provide all the support necessary for intensive use in restaurants, bars or cafés.

Click here for more details on the collection.

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