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The food and essential treatment are words that should offer a restaurant. But we must not forget that part of going to eat people spend a lot of time at our place and we provide them an environment where they feel welcome and have a desire to return. This aspect turns out to be a very important part of our business.

One of the premises that you should keep in mind that sometimes our local will not be suitable for all kinds of decorations. If we start from scratch and will be easier if you do not have local is perhaps best decided that is what we want, how you will be our target customer and their needs.

vergés decorar tu restauranteThe three keys Vergés recommends that if you start again

  • Have clear what type of business you want to ride (restaurant, bar, supermarket, etc)
  • Define the location of the restaurant
  • Analyze the competition to make a difference.

Once these points have them clearly define the theme and design of our restaurant

Do not forget that we must give local functionality. We offer comfortable furniture and appropriate to the type of decoration. If we set up a tavern and would like to use barrels must accompany a stool appropriate measures.

Then Vergés gives you tips to make it easier to get the perfect environment for your local.

  • Do not use furniture that is cheap, tasteless, not a place or environment where invited to have a good time. Repair always breaks in upholstered furniture and replaces an object when spoiled. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Offers variety of seats, note the tables for families and more intimate spaces for romantic dinners.
  • It is advisable to think through different areas with feelings of enlightenment. In light bars will require more intense inviting approach, the objective of the ambient lighting will create a comfortable space with greater visual comfort.
  • The lighting of the tables is that most significantly affect the customer experience because you can enjoy dishes with the appropriate light level to appreciate its tone and texture and also interact with their companions . This should be taken into account, for example, the color rendering of the light source and its uniformity. He opts for focused lighting, creating more or less deprived areas to encourage user privacy. For more information on this topic can visit Nexia page .
  • The furniture you choose should move easily.
  • In the world of decoration remember that less is more, so much local reload, just enough to give a touch of personality you need.
  • Do not forget that the glassware, crockery, cutlery and tablecloths are part of the decor of your local Mímala and combines accordance with your style,
  • The latest trends in decoration for bars and restaurants has been an increase in the use of sofas and pouf giving a touch of modernity and spaciousness.
  • Have you considered that overall color reefs. The color can influence mood (see article) of a person and his appetite. The right furniture, wallpaper, paint and decor that matches your scheme can improve your local environment.
  • If you have space to mount a terrace seeks consistency between the styles of decoration you have on the outside with the inside. The space is more space inside your premises and therefore to watch it and understand it as such.

Eating, design and architecture have merged into a whole to surprise our customers increasingly demanding.

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