Yago Sarri and Palmira

sarriA garage full of tools a DIY enthusiast father, an architect brother, the bedroom window of his house right in front of the Sagrada Familia and hours and hours of play under construction when I was little. No wonder that with these experiences Yago Sarri finished making a memory her passion.

It is in 1989 that became an industrial designer at the Elisava school in 1990 and obtained the Bachelor of applied arts and artistic trades of the Exchange.

From there his career takes strength and is formed with Pepe Cortes Associates, which designs products, furniture, lighting and enters the world of interior, surrounded by professionals from different disciplines. This is true vocational school.

In 1993 he created his own studio, first in the old town of Barcelona and then in Palo Alto, next to ADP + (Manuel Bailo, Rosa Rull, Xavi Claramunt, David Sarri, Albert Civit) while working with the study of Pepe Cortes .

It is the year 2011 when its origins back to the present. The image of the workshop full of tools which let their imaginations with his father, takes strength and in the middle of Gràcia a workshop which takes every remember to turn it into a space where from now will be the scene and witness their projects.

In this new adventure will accompany Marifé Bellaubí (interior) and Nacho Ferrer (architect). The three created the UNTALLER study space design, interior design and architecture. They work in harmony under the old memory of each tool that old place that they have remodeled.


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Verges relationship with Yago Sarri is very narrow. In every corner of the factory, offices, catalogs there is a bit of Iago. Cistell a chair, an armchair Dula, pictures of the first models that are no longer manufactured but have served as a basis to go evolving market requirements. Iago is one of the designers of the Family Selection Verges and spent many years bringing design, advice and taste and has become an indispensable part of the company

“The chairs are made and designed to be sold. If you do not sell it is a failure.” “Successful are the things that last forever regardless of fashions and trends.” Yago With this philosophy we’ve evolved to find that point where design, functionality and comfort that customers liked and its products have always been very well received.

When you design a chair must be a cabinet that he would buy for your home. Put much effort into it comfortable and quality and price will always be together.

yago sarri and verges

Yago tells us that draws many drafts until you get something interesting. The pressure is not good for stimulating ideas that may arise, you have to be relaxed and so the inspiration comes faster. Creativity knows no time.

He is a lover of the things that endure, it is considered classic and prefers items that never go out of style.

Not considered to have any hobby to the design but should be very sure that what he brings is something different.

In his designs dominate materials in its essence, pure, raw, natural. “They are timeless, they do not go out of fashion. Designing a chair is quite complicated. People of different sizes and different weights were sitting. They must be well thought out and well resolved. They must understand the product to design it.”

How do you start designing a chair?

It starts from zero, an idea or inspiration, and begin to make sketches. Until it reaches the final design will devote many hours. You must create software models, models, put the actual measurements and finding constructive solutions. Once this is clear we proceed to make the prototypes and relevant tests are done to test the comfort and functionality of the product. Once the product is ready it is when the finishing touches are decided.

Yago Sarri and Palmira

The first model was designed to Verges Tosca who was part of the catalog in 1995. It worked very well and fit perfectly in the philosophy of Verges is from there that a great symbiosis between the designer and the company was established

Yago Sarri is the creator of one of our flagship products, the Cistell family. As the name suggests Cistell born from the inspiration of a wicker basket. An armchair with a Mediterranean air, compact and generous ways that make it comfortable to sit and perfectly suited to different environments. Simple, classic that never gets old and Yago likes.

Names like Dula, Cistell, Allium, Taglio, Ibo, Block Sandwich bear the stamp Yago Sarri. Here you can appreciate its simplicity, products that remain, which can be adapted to each season with new colors of fabrics, but the essence is always the same. The essence Yago Sarri that always accompanies their designs, the brand itself that characterizes this designer puts passion in everything he does.

yago sarri y verges

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